Q - How much are one to one lessons?
A - Please see price list HERE.

Q - How do I pay for lessons?
A - Book and pay for your slot HERE. We accept all major credit cards and apple pay.

Q - Are there any payment plan options or package deals?
A - We do not offer any payment plans or package deals due to high demand.

Q- I can’t afford one to one coaching with Annabel Williams – The Vocal Coach right now.
A - No Problem! Annabel has created THE VOCAL COACH APP so it’s like you are in the room training with her! Simply subscribe to gain complete access to all her exercises, tutorials and all the vocal health information the app has to offer. We offer a 7 day free trial which can be cancelled at any point. Once this free trial is over you will have an option to subscribe to the app if you want to continue. There are 2 subscription options, Silver and Gold. Silver is £4.99 per month for limited access and Gold is £6.99 per month for complete access and any brand new content that is added from now on.

Q - What platform is used for online lessons?
A - Your first lesson will be on zoom (you will be sent a zoom link after booking). We often switch to facetime or skype afterwards depending on the quality of the zoom call.

Q - What happens in my first lesson and why is it 90 mins?
A - First session is minimum 1.5 hours as it includes a (very informal!) assessment/chat to establish current vocal ability/goals to see where you are at.

Q - Does Annabel take on beginners?
A - Absolutely! You have to start somewhere and there is no age limit!

Q - Where are the ‘in person’ lessons based?
A - London. All in person lessons take place at Bush Studios.

Q - Can I buy a voucher for someone?
A - Yes, of course! A singing lesson is a wonderful present for someone! Please email info@thevocalcoach.com to purchase.

Q - My App is not working?
A - For any app related issues please email appsupport@thevocalcoach.com and we aim to assist you within 24 hours of your enquiry. (Excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Q - Can I send singing videos over to you so you can look and give me/my son or daughter some feedback?
A - For any feedback on singing videos, then you will need to book a session in with Annabel. BOOK HERE

Q - What method is taught?
A - The Annabel Williams Methodology is unique and has been carefully put together following years of research including trialled and tested methods. It is a combination of everything Annabel has learned from being a professional ‘jobbing’ singer and vocal coach over the last 25 + years. Annabel says key to her success is that she is a professional singer herself and must be able to demonstrate to the client. So she can ‘show’ you’ during your session. She teaches ‘singer to singer’ and has personally been through every experience she teaches which makes her so much more relatable.

Q - What should I prepare before the lesson?
A - You don’t ‘have’ to prepare anything if you don’t want to but we suggest at least having a think about a song to sing. If you have booked the lesson to specifically work on a song for an audition, recording or performance, or even just for fun, please make sure you send backing track and lyrics (in a document eg word/pages) prior to the lesson in a dropbox or we transfer link to info@thevocalcoach.com subject TRACK/LYRICS FOR LESSON WITH ‘YOUR NAME’

Q - I need to cancel what do I do?
A - We will need more than 7 days notice to provide a full refund. We cannot guarantee a replacement slot as demand is so high and Annabel is booked months in advance and the private sessions have to work around her TV shows. Please do try to stick to your slot as best you can. If you have unavoidable circumstances, please email info@thevocalcoach.com

Q - Does online coaching work as well as in person coaching?
A - Absolutely! Since lockdown Annabel mainly coaches online. It is a great way of learning if you are abroad or cannot travel. There are a few key things to do to get the most out of your lesson so please make sure you:

• Have excellent wifi connection/speed
• 2 devices. One for video call (ideally laptop or computer) and one to receive audio/videos/exercises on whatsapp through the lesson (ideally iphone/android)
• A speaker to the 2nd device - the one Annabel will send you exercises to. So you can play them nice and loud to sing along to! We recommend something like a Portable Bose Soundlink Revolve
• Annabel needs to be able to see your whole body (top of your head to your knees!) Please ensure you have a stand for the device you will be using for FaceTime/Skype – ideally at head height.
• Somewhere you feel you can make noise without feeling inhibited!
• If you have a specific song you want to work on please make sure you send backing track and lyrics (in a document eg word/pages) prior to the lesson in a dropbox or we transfer link to info@thevocalcoach.com subject TRACK/LYRICS FOR LESSON

Q - Is there an age limit? Can I have a shorter session for my child?
A - No upper age limit. Annabel offers 45 min sessions for under 10’s at £120 + VAT (£144.00).

Q - There are no slots available, is there a waiting list?
A - As of July 2022 there is no longer a waiting list. Make sure you are on the mailing list to be the first to be notified when slots go live.

Q - Any previous experience necessary?
A - Not at all! Annabel’s priority isn’t whether you’ve had training, but if you love to sing and are willing to work hard and give 100% then you are in the right place! Training for singing is like exercise and Annabel loves to get results quickly for you so needs you to commit and work hard in order to achieve your goal together.

Q - Can I bring my friend, manager etc?
A - Unless you are under 18 it is strongly advised not to have anyone in the session with you. Chat’s with guests in the first 10 mins are fine but after than it is better to be left alone where you can feel fully free to express yourself and try new things without feeling like you have an audience. Please contact info@thevocalcoach.com for more info on this.