The booking system goes live once a month working around Annabel’s busy TV/high profile client schedules. There aren’t always slots and demand is high so please only book if you are sure you can commit to the slot as rescheduling is difficult and your fee is non refundable if cancelled within 7 days of your booking.


Annabel's style of singing lessons are very therapeutic, she provides a comfortable environment for people to take risks and try things they've never done before. Things people might not do and risks they may not take if they didn't think they had complete discretion with her. This is a personal process and part of that is confidentiality and complete trust.

Whatever the reason, taking online singing lessons gives you the opportunity to sing in front of an expert, ask questions, take vocal direction and get feedback - from the comfort of your own home!

From Annabel ..

"1st Lesson - No need to prepare anything however if there's anything specifically you want to work on then bring recordings, backing tracks whatever you have and have the lyrics as memorised as you can. No worries either way though.

The first lesson is very relaxed and is loosely split into 3 parts."

1 - The Greet

Getting to know each other. Singing is largely both a physiological and psychological discipline. An informal chat discussing past training and performance experience (if any) and goals with regards to singing. What you hope to achieve out of the lessons. Most important for us to have a good working relationship and that as well as the client being right for me, that I'm right for the client! All very relaxed though and no particular standard is required. Just a hunger to learn!

2 - The Basics

Seeing where you're 'at' and following on from there. Checking in on technique (if any), and starting from there. Ironing out any bad habits.

3 - The Song

This largely depends on the session as we may not get this far! However if we get this far on the first session, I would listen to the client sing a song and workshop through it, listening to examples of the song and the genre it stems from. This is a process - but the right decision is always found.


Online sessions are highly effective and work just as well as in person sessions and are the cheapest option to train one on one with Annabel.

It is a great way of learning if you are abroad or cannot travel. There are a few key things to do to get the most out of your lesson so please make sure you:

• Have excellent wifi connection/speed
• 2 devices. One for video call (ideally laptop or computer) and one to receive audio/videos/exercises on whatsapp through the lesson (ideally iphone/android)
• A speaker to the 2nd device - the one Annabel will send you exercises to. So you can play them nice and loud to sing along to! We recommend something like a Portable Bose Soundlink Revolve
• Annabel needs to be able to see your whole body (top of your head to your knees!)  Please ensure you have a stand for the device you will be using for FaceTime/Skype – ideally at head height.
• Somewhere you feel you can make noise without feeling inhibited! 
• If you have a specific song you want to work on please make sure you send backing track and lyrics (in a document eg word/pages) prior to the lesson in a dropbox or we transfer link to subject TRACK/LYRICS FOR LESSON WITH ‘YOUR NAME’


Annabel can visit your home, does "on location" vocal coaching and vocal production in the studio. Please email for price list.

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