Getting tips from an expert can certainly help you to learn how to sing or how to sing better! Annabel Williams is The Vocal Coach, and with over 20 years of experience has developed techniques designed specifically to help your confidence and your voice.

How to sing better, how to sing high notes and how to sing in tune are all questions that are frequently asked. In this section, we address them all and take you through how to get better at singing.


In order to sing better you should look after your voice, learn which exercises and vocal warm-ups will work for you, and consider taking vocal coaching. You can practise singing alone, but having expert advice on vocal exercises is invaluable. Here are some starter tips:

• Shoulders and chest down and relaxed at all times (good posture is essential)

• Begin with breathing

• Make sure you do your vocal warm ups


Singing high notes can often be called ‘belting’. But what does that mean exactly? It’s true that more volume does not always equal more power. Belting means hitting the notes at the top part of your voice with the strength and power of the notes at the bottom. You can do this by doing the following:

• Use vocal exercises to find the correct mix of your chest and head voice

• The Higher You Sing The More You Pull In (a phrase Annabel has coined to help you remember to pull your belly in on those high notes)

• Sing your high belted notes as ‘ah’ (as in apple)


Singing in tune is so important, right? The good news is that everyone can sing in tune. All it takes is knowing and understanding your vocal range and controlling your breathing. Try recording yourself singing a favourite song. Can you identify notes that you can reach and ones that you struggle with? Some tips:

• Melodic accuracy (printing out the sheet music will help you learn the notes)

• Know the structure of the song

• Changing the key to suit you is not a failure!


• Show off what you can do with your voice, not what you can’t

• Don’t be afraid, it’s just singing!

• Sing every song like it’s the last time you’re going to sing it

• Develop your listening skills

• Voice rest is one of the best things to get over a lost voice

Looking for one-to-one vocal coaching?

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