"From the moment I met Annabel I can remember her just being this very bubbly and such a friendly character and when it came to vocal coaching I just always found her so supportive and very knowledgeable. She's helped me all the way through my career"


"I’ve worked with many vocal coaches and musical arrangers during my decade long involvement with TV talent shows and by far, the most passionate and motivated person I have ever been associated with is Annabel Williams."


“Annabel is an absolutely incredible vocal coach. She’s been teaching people all the best things about what they can do with their voice. She’s distilled all her knowledge – and that is a LOT of knowledge – she’s put it into this vocal app and it’s absolutely amazing!”


"When it comes to vocal coaches, Anni is absolutely the real deal. She has got decades of experience."


”SHE BROUGHT IT BACK TO LIFE! Thanks so much Anni for sorting my larynx out! It was a bit rough but she brought it back to life and made it possible to sing those big notes on Sunday. Angel!"


”ANNABEL WAS AN ABSOLUTE JOY TO WORK WITH! She was instrumental in building my confidence and reminding me what I love about singing. The best thing about doing celeb X Factor was meeting and working with her."


”I cant thank Annabel enough for everything she has taught me. I’ve sung my whole life, had vocal coaching in the past but Anni was a different level. She made me reach notes I never though I ever could. I honestly couldn’t have done the X Factor without her. She calmed my nerves before each show and also taught me so much about myself."


"I really do owe so much to you! I just wanna say thank you , I really do owe so much to you for making me the singer I am today! You mean the world to me Anni! Love you darling"

Scarlett Lee - X Factor 2018

”I can't believe the difference. I can't believe the difference to my voice from my first audition to the final.
She's amazing!"


“Annabel is a brilliant vocal coach! If you want to protect your voice,and have longevity, you need good technique to sustain concerts, gigs or 8 shows a week In a musical.

Annabel will teach you all you need to know."


”Consistency and confidence is key. Annabel helped me massively throughout my entire time on the XFactor and afterwards. She really taught me to keep going.

Consistency and confidence is KEY! And I really learnt that with her."


”If you can get a session do! Anni is the best of the best. From the moment I walked in, all nervous energy and apologising for everything I didn't know, she put me at ease, and made it clear we were starting a journey together. She wanted to understand more about me, what I wanted from my singing and how I wanted to improve. She's one of those vocal coaches who is always at the back of my mind when I perform and practise, and I find myself wanting to make her proud whenever I'm on stage."